Flowers like it cool

Heat is not good for flowers.  Flowers last longer in a cool room away from heaters and direct  hot light.

Fresh water

Flowers drink water fast.  Please make sure vase has plenty of water.  For extra care, a few  days after you got your flowers, hold the stems in your hand (like a bouquet) pour the water out and refill with fresh water.  This will prevent bacteria accumulation which kills flowers faster.  If you have an arrangement, with foam, wire, or floral tape, do not pick the flowers.  Place the arrangement  under the faucet  and carefully  separate the flowers to make a small opening, then let the stream  overflow to flush out the older water.  With these steps your flowers will stay pretty and fresh longer. 

Out with the old

When you see a droopy stem, pull it out.  Sad stems will spread bacteria to the rest of the flowers.  If you follow these steps be assured that your blooms will last longer !


Watering is one of the most important aspects to keeping your orchid plant healthy and in bloom for months. To ovoid overwatering (which rots the roots ) just add 3 ice cubes once a week. It's that simple !